Poetry Society of AmericaQuestions of Faith: Meena Alexander and Dianne Bilyak

By Dianne Bilyak, Poetry Society of American

“‘Questions of Faith’ is a selection of excerpts from interviews that Dianne Bilyak has conducted over the past decade. The interviews began as her master’s thesis for The Institute of Sacred Music & Arts at Yale Divinity School. The poets were queried about their religious upbringing, current practices, and how these may or may not have influenced their writing, as well as general questions related to faith, doubt, and meaning, and more specific questions related to each poet’s work.”

— “Questions of Faith: Meena Alexander and Dianne Bilyak.” Poetry Society of America. n.d. https://www.poetrysociety.org/psa/poetry/crossroads/interviews/page_6/

Questions of Faith: Meena Alexander and Dianne Bilyak | 2013 | Interviews, Links
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