Shock of Arrival

The Shock of Arrival: Reflection on Postcolonial Experience (1996)

Praise for The Shock of Arrival

“Meena Alexander has written a fierce new complexity into questions of identity, diaspora, tradition, language and community. This is a powerful fusion of poetic vision and critical thinking.” — Adrienne Rich

“In concrete imagery and intellectual passion, Alexander is full of surprises. These are haunting texts of hybrid America.” — Gayatri Spivak

“As the condition of migration and cultural displacement comes to be seen as a metaphor for our times, Meena Alexander’s poignant and perceptive book is a welcome addition. Here, the postcolonial condition is addressed in its variety and its particularity: as fiction, criticism, personal reflection. This is a compelling, highly crafted performance.” — Homi Bhabha

The Shock of Arrival: Reflections on Postcolonial Experience | 1996 | Non-Fiction, Works & Collaborations | Media: , ,
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